Nautic Waterjet Fabrications Inc
Some of The Industries We Serve  
Stone Industry
Machine Shops
Architects / Designers
  Wether it be aluminum, steel, brass, or even titanium, there is no metal that the waterjet cannot cut.

 We can also realistically cut certain metals up to six inches thick. Additionally, because the waterjet cuts using a water erosion process, there is no warpage that you would normally get in traditional metal cutting methods such as plasma or laser.

   That means if you give us a flat sheet, you will get a flat part as your finished product.

  With our 12' 6" X 9' 6" cutting table, we can cut out an entire slab of stone or glass in one shot.
Custom counter tops or any other Stone piece that cannot be cut with a regular stone saw is no problem for us.  

We also specialize in the cutting of custom marble and granite medallions. Our medallions range from 12" circles to 20' long. plus, we can cut out the pieces individually or have them assembled.

Throughout the years, we have had many customers come to us with difficult to make or odd size pieces.

That is not a problem with us because no matter how big, how small , or what type of material, we can turn your wildest ideas into tangible products.

 We pride ourselves in working with our clients to make sure everything comes out to their liking wether it's producing a single prototype or re-creating a pre-existing piece . 

Give us a call and see if we can help your cutting needs.